Monday, December 06, 2010


On Thursday night Julia and I attended the "Holiday Tea and Fashion Show" at the Behive Tea Room and it was absolutely wonderful!!! The night started off with a social hour fueled by wine and good company surrounded by the lovely models dressed in their vintage house robes, used to conceal the retro outfits they would be walking in during the show. Once mingling time was over, we were served our new favorite tea at the Tea Room, the Behive Cream & Honey Tea complimented by two deliciously buttery scones and we were ready for the show to begin.
The clothing was provided by Misc., a vintage boutique owned by the lovely Missy herself, and evolved gracefully from classy evening wear to matching vintage slips and bra-lets. As the models made their way through the various rooms, Julia and I enjoyed the company of some of the staff from City Weekly, and fellow blogger Krystle as we all shared stories about our lives and current projects we were all working on. 
As the show ended and the night progressed, a handful of us stayed after and spent the rest of the night talking, laughing, drinking, taking old polaroids (compliments of Ron Green, owner of the Green Ant retro furniture store, located conveniently next to Misc.) and enjoying the wonderful Gentry's (owner of Frosty Darling) rapping talents. 


  1. Wonderful pictures ladies! GRAND blog, very impressive! Keep it up, I'm looking forward to more posts!

  2. Your blog is lovely as well! We are excited to see more posts!!! Hope you are doing well!

  3. man i wish i hadnt had missed this event, angela brown looked stunning. green is a stud

  4. colin. i wish you hadn't missed it either. i miss you!