Wednesday, December 01, 2010

dress down to dress up

this is perhaps my favorite t-shirt.  i found it in canada this summer with my friend and we had to have a thumb war to see who would take it home.  the shirt is totally casual and crazy so i threw a simple black sweater on over it to keep warm and to keep it simple.  however i figured i could go a little crazy on the bottom too, so why not leg warmers?

 i wanted to try to make the outfit look a little classier for work.  a blazer does this perfectly.  i am always running late and only have 5 to 10 minuets to get ready for anything, but, i think it is nice to try to look like i put a little thought in to my outfit.  wearing a nice jacket, even over a ridiculous shirt, can make any outfit look more put together, and takes not extra time, yay!

to keep up the simplicity, i wear very, very little make-up, but i am obsessed with bad, bad black mascara by mac and mixing this lady bug lipstick with a really simple light pink gloss, both by mac.

shirt - canada 
jeans - urban blues
sweater - h & m
blazer - nordstrom rack 
shoes, leg warmers - urban outfitters

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