Thursday, October 28, 2010

Uptown Anime

It was during my first month of working at Julia's aunt's boutique Urban Blues that I realized how much I enjoy putting outfits together, and it turns out, Im not half bad at it. Sooooooo, I called up my friend, Jackie (check out her blog here),  and asked her if she would want to collaborate on some shoots (she would do the makeup, and I would style). Luckily, she was pretty excited about the idea and had already had wanted to do a shot with an "anime-ish" makeup theme. Immediately I started pulling clothes from mine and my sister's closets with the question: "What if Sailor Moon took a trip to Manhattan during fashion week?" repeating over and over in my head.  The result?  What I like to call "Uptown Anime". 

Makeup and photos: Jackie Gordon
Styled by: Yours Truly
Models: My lovely little sister Nattie and her friend Abby

xoxo Gabi

goal achieved.

i saw alexa chung wearing the nail color "particulière" by chanel, and, i fell in love. i went on a mad search trying to find a similar color and finally got lucky at got beauty in sugar house.

$9.99, yes please

almost a perfect match!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two months later...Day One


On Julia: Urban Blues tee and cardigan, Volcom jacket, Urban Blues denim, and San Mariana heels from France
On Gabi: Urban Blues tee, Urban Outfitters jacket, Forever XXI moto leggings, Deena and Ozzy birthday heels
Photos: Jason Hackney

Gabi. 21. 5'6 ". actor, stylist, and singer.
Julia. 21. 5'9". actor. costume designer. and french speaker.
both from the middle of a salty sea. or a stylish, salty abyss.

"Small" Lake City, as some like to call it, is not usually known for its fashionable city goers, or cutting edge artistry, or even for being all that exciting, however, we are just seriously two average kids in love with fashion who want to bring the idea of individual, simple style to those who have an urge to venture out but don't know where to begin.

We don't think that fashion should rely on how much time or money one has but it should be YOU.  Don't be afraid of taking a risk or being who you are, if you believe it so will the world.  Wear it with pride.  If it doesn't work out...tomorrow, try something new.