Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thirty Twelve Twenty Ten

Well, it's still snowing!  We like the idea of bundling up in an oversized sweater, reading, and drinking a cup of good old PG Tips.
Bellow are some snaps from our adventure on the slippery streets last night!

Sweater - J.Crew in Mens, Hat - Urban Blues 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Last week we had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing a wonderful little girl named Fern. She hand-makes all her barrettes and wallets and sells them at Misc. (pronounced Mis-sy) to "save up for Disneyland, college, or Hawaii". When we met Fern, she was wearing a lovely dress her mom made for her, out of Japanese fabric and her dad's old Levis. Fern is an amazingly talented six year old, and has already started learning the "ins and outs" of the art of selling and what her customers want. We also had the pleasure of meeting her mother, Lisa, and after talking to her for a bit we realized where Fern got her artistic and inventive abilities from. Lisa is a tailor and has also worked on her own fashion line a few years back. 
The two make a pretty great creative team. Lisa goes out vintage/thrift shopping for funky hats and other fabrics that Fern then dissembles and makes into her own creations. The barrettes are selling a $2 a piece and the wallets are selling at $5, so go in and support a talented and very special little girl named Fern. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Happy Holidays!!
And thank you sooooo much for reading theSlashproject.

Sweater - Kimchi & Blue, Monkey Hat - Urban Blues - Leggings - Pure Good 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

La deuxième partie: Part Two

Je reviens à la penderie de ma grand-mère.  Welcome back to my grandma's closet.  In a previous post I wrote about how many wonderful things I found in my grandma's closet.  This lovely bright argyle sweater is part of the collection.  I love it because it is looonnnggg and warm.  Je doit écrire encore:  grand-mère, merci et je t'aime.   
I also have become obsessed with finding the perfect pair of faux leather pants (that don't cost $200 or more).  However, I am loving these awesome pleather leggings I bought 3 years ago at Stein Mart for $10!  I am planning on going back to see if they have some more.  You can't actually see how shiny these leggings are in the photos, but, they are pretty blinding.  I wore them to work and literally had people come up to me and grab my leg!!   

sweater - grandma's, leggings - stein mart 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

ce que j'ai trouvé dans la penderie de ma grand-mère

I have been on the lookout for two things this winter.  Big sweaters and faux leather.  Check on both items.  I went and had a look at my grandma's old clothes the other day and....Voilà! Quelle suprise! La pull de mes rêves!  This sweater is amazing.  I love the knit diamond pattern mixed with leather patches.  Quelle chance!  My sweet grandma has an amazing closet.  I walked away with a stack of wonderful over-sized argyle sweaters, some incredible watches (and I do love watches) and some beautiful jewelry.  Not to mention a wonderful bright red Burberry raincoat.  Merci grand-mère, je t'aime.  
À ceux qui parlent le français, je suis désolée. Je suis sûr que j'ai fait une faute.

sweater - grandma's,  jeans - nissi (from urban blues), socks - smiths, shoes - andré 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

yes to no...brow

Its a wonderfully rainy day in the city, and Im enjoying a lovely vanilla latte at my new favorite cafe, NOBROW. Walking into the smell of fresh coffee and seeing the works of local artists displayed on the walls always makes my day a little brighter. Its the perfect mix of local art, scene, and community without trying to be trendy. Its probably a death sentence for my bank account to be living so close, but honestly a good cup of joe in the morning to give me a little boost is worth it!

xoxo Gabi

Friday, December 17, 2010

Drawing a Blank.


Shirt Dress: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Target 

The ease and simplicity of a shirt dress never ceases to amaze me. Throwing it on over a pair or tights with heels is pretty much the best way to look like you put effort into getting ready (when secretly you didn't really).  And isn't that what we all want? 
Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday! 

xoxo Gabi

Saturday, December 11, 2010

first attempt at matching.

i have never been one to know how to match.  usually i end up combining several different styles and patterns and end up walking out the door looking like a patchwork quilt.  this is one of my first attempts at matching i think in my whole life.  i love this shirt.  the buttons down the back so cute and i even like the grey peach color scheme.  i am also really enjoying socks.  today i put them on the outside of my pants and i kind of like it! a super simple outfit but it speaks for itself.  any thoughts? 

shirt, pants - urban blues
tank top - j.crew 
boots - urabn outfitters

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Everything and a Handbag

The wonderful Missy, owner of Misc. boutique, had her Holiday Preview Party earlier this week and we were lucky enough to get a personal invite. Her taste is impeccable and she has a great eye for unique pieces. The store was filled with fabulous sequined tops, vintage house robes, fur collared winter coats, and slinky slips. WE WERE IN HEAVEN! Julia ended up leaving with a wonderful knitted blazer, and the cutest faux fur vest. Gabi left with a lovely Italian leather bag/clutch/hold everything in the smallest amount of space EVER treasure. We LOVE Missy and cant wait to go back and find some more treats at her shop.