Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Last week we had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing a wonderful little girl named Fern. She hand-makes all her barrettes and wallets and sells them at Misc. (pronounced Mis-sy) to "save up for Disneyland, college, or Hawaii". When we met Fern, she was wearing a lovely dress her mom made for her, out of Japanese fabric and her dad's old Levis. Fern is an amazingly talented six year old, and has already started learning the "ins and outs" of the art of selling and what her customers want. We also had the pleasure of meeting her mother, Lisa, and after talking to her for a bit we realized where Fern got her artistic and inventive abilities from. Lisa is a tailor and has also worked on her own fashion line a few years back. 
The two make a pretty great creative team. Lisa goes out vintage/thrift shopping for funky hats and other fabrics that Fern then dissembles and makes into her own creations. The barrettes are selling a $2 a piece and the wallets are selling at $5, so go in and support a talented and very special little girl named Fern. 


  1. I wish Fern had a website I could order from! I love this.

  2. She is so adorable! If you ever make a trip out to SLC you have to go to Misc. (pronounced Mis-sy) and check her stuff out.
    272 South 200 East

  3. This posting turned out so cute! We are so proud of Fern. She is thrilled to be featured. Thanks so much for taking the time to seek her out for the interview. You both are fabulous! Stay in touch.