Sunday, November 28, 2010

Because Rectangles Fit in Squares


Thrifted Scarf, Jacket: Express, Knee Highs: Forever 21, Boots: Forever 21, Jeans: Urban Blues

The snow is officially here people, and I have to admit, it is beautiful! People who know me may be shocked to hear those words coming out of my mouth due to the fact that I am not a huge fan of the winter, but seriously, its really pretty..... f-ing freezing, but pretty. It makes for one of those days where you just want to curl up with a warm cup of cocoa with some good company, and that is exactly what Julia and I have been doing today. Soooooooo, you heard it here first people, Im admitting to the fact that the snow is my friend..... kinda.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

how to succeed in staying warm

in the winter i don't like wearing jeans day after day.  tights are too cold and so are leggings so i wear long underwear.  i guess it sounds a little strange but they make the perfect leggings.  they are thick and even warmer then pants i think.  the ones i am wearing i bought to go skiing in!  but you could also find thick tights at any dance store.  i like to pair them with a thick, thick sock and boots that i can trudge around in.  i don't like wearing sweaters that are to big because it is always cold outside and hot inside.  so a simple wool sweater and jacket work wonders for me! 
stay warm out there!

sweater - vintage 
dress- q clothing
long underwear - kirkams 
socks - ski socks
jacket - nordstrom rack 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tea. Tea. Tea.

We took a trip for tea today! If you happen to be by the Beehive Tea Room...we would recommend trying  the beehive cream and honey tea with scones on the side.  A lovely treat for a dreeeearry fall day! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Look at What We've Got

Entire look found at - Urban Blues

Julia and I have recently taken on the responsibility of some of the advertising, promoting,  and styling for Urban Blues, so every week we go in and do a new shoot to highlight some of our new and/or best selling items. I have to say, that I think we make a pretty good team. Julia tends to take on the role of fashion photographer, and I usually fill in on the styling end of it. It works out wonderfully and of course we are loving every moment of it. Oh, and by the way, I am obsessed with this new jacket that we got in. The tiered cut of the front and its looseness gives it such a comfortable but chic vibe. Its pretty much the perfect thing to throw on while running out the door. Style made simple!

xoxo Gabi

Monday, November 15, 2010

What's in your Trunk??

What a day!  We started off by going to a private trunk show by local designer Meredith Franck.  In the beginning we  were a little curious as to what her kimono like styles would look like but after trying them on we were both in love.  Meredith hand makes every piece and there are no replicas.  Her shapes are loose, flattering, and very unique.  

We both became obsessed with this grey cape.

The picture is a little blurry, but, this little vest was  lovely.

After the show we stopped for a wonderful dinner at the restaurant, Mazza, where we enjoyed some delicious Middle Eastern cuisine and best of all,  discovered our new favorite red wine.

Next we went to the 15th Street Gallery, where the clothing line Etcetera  was having their trunk show.  The line can only be found online and also in various cities when they are on the road showing their clothes.  There were a few pieces we would have bought in a heartbeat, but sadly, we were late for a play, so we snapped a few photos and had to go. 

Hope all is well with everyone and that you all had a wonderful weekend!   

Thursday, November 11, 2010

shop the sales

my favorite fall colors =)
it keeps on snowing here and then being warm and then snowing...however, the fall is beautiful!  i absolutely love it because i can wear jackets, scarves, thick socks, boots and sweaters! 
i found the dress i am wearing at urban outfitters for $15!  this weekend everything in the sale section is an extra %50 off! so go in before all the good stuff is gone.  i also bought my polka-dot tights on sale at j.crew. ooooh i love when that happens! 
tights - j.crew 
leg warmers - urban outfitters
sweater - anthropologie
boots - urban blues 

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

marcel the shell with shoes on

all of you MUST watch this absolutely adorable video. We're sure, if it were legal, we would get married and adopt Marcel in an instant. 
Hope the video doesn't seem like too much of a cop out for a post to any of you today, it has been an insanely busy day with film shoots and photo shoots. We promise to let you all in on our project tomorrow!
Sleep well Salty City!

Monday, November 08, 2010

hunting & fishing

still uncertain on how i feel about these photos...but it was worth a try!  i feel like it looks like a log cabin or a lake could be near by...sadly that is not the case.  i am also very ecstatic because i can finally put my hair in a braid!  it only stays in for about 5 minutes, but, i am still happy!   

shirt - urban blues
tights - h&m
boots - urban outfitters 

Sunday, November 07, 2010

cheese? yes please!

wine and cheese night. a weekly tradition...starting now.
oh and add a little fig spread, and you've got heaven.  thank you for bringing this delicious delicacy in our know who you are.
theSLASH project

Night of the Light Adventures

Blouse: Urban Blues Shorts: altered Express jeans Boots: Forever 21

Adventures are the best aren't they?

xoxo Gabi