Tuesday, November 23, 2010

how to succeed in staying warm

in the winter i don't like wearing jeans day after day.  tights are too cold and so are leggings so i wear long underwear.  i guess it sounds a little strange but they make the perfect leggings.  they are thick and even warmer then pants i think.  the ones i am wearing i bought to go skiing in!  but you could also find thick tights at any dance store.  i like to pair them with a thick, thick sock and boots that i can trudge around in.  i don't like wearing sweaters that are to big because it is always cold outside and hot inside.  so a simple wool sweater and jacket work wonders for me! 
stay warm out there!

sweater - vintage 
dress- q clothing
long underwear - kirkams 
socks - ski socks
jacket - nordstrom rack 


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