Monday, November 01, 2010

Butoh in a Fishbowl

I promise I will post a "look of the day" later this week, but for now, I dont think the baggy sweatshirt and jeans that im sporting right now are going to be all that exciting too look at. However, I do have something to show you that is much more exciting than my outfit... Butoh.
If you are not familiar with Butoh, you should be... (so click here to learn.) My class and I had our Butoh mideterm today outside of the University's chemistry building and seeing all the people crowd around to see what the hell was going on was so exciting. It can be quite a spectacle to see a bunch of random people running around with minimal clothing on and white painted faces in the middle of the day, but a very entertaining one and hopefully, in our case, it was a moving experience as well. The only down side to this whole thing, though was the god awful wedding dress I had to wear. I dont know who died in that thing, but I swear I could not get it off me faster. Oh the things we do for our love of art I guess.


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