Friday, January 21, 2011

A Very Verde Afternoon

Yesterday we had the opportunity to do a shoot with an old acting friend of Julia's, Kat Child, the knitting genius of Verde Original. Kat resorted to knitting while she was working at her first "grown up job" in order to save herself from the boredom of sitting behind a desk all day. She had a friend teach her, but because she didn't know to how to read a pattern, she ended up creating her own designs, which makes her items that much more amazing.
We seriously felt like two kids in a candy store looking through the basket of handmade goodies Kat brought for us to use at the shoot. Her designs are not just unique, but the time and artistry that has been taken into making each item is apparent in every hat, glove, scarf, etc. she makes. Not to mention, the chunky knits kept us warm in the freezing cold weather that we have been dealing with lately. 

Although Kat's website is still under construction, you should definitely go check out her facebook page  HERE.


  1. oh my gosh - I love the fingerless gloves with the knit detail on them - where can I get those?!

  2. They are amazing! We are so obsessed with them! You should contact Kat to get them. Her website is currently under construction, but, you can reach her at her businesses facebook page.
    Kat is wonderful!