Thursday, January 13, 2011

Case and Point.

Hey Everyone! First off I have to apologize for being such a bad blogger lately. I am currently rehearsing for my senior show, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Gurgis, and it has seriously been taking over my life. Im playing a total of four different characters.... three of them are men.... very manly men to be exact. However! My main character is the ghetto fabulous Saint Monica, and my costume is AMAZING!!!! I'll give you guys some more information about the show and all the wonderful costumes very soon, but for now here's a sneak peak of the bedazzled Monica.

The REAL reason for this post, though, is to help out a very dear friend of mine, Jess, who I have known for a few years now. Unfortunately, Jess has been hospitalized due to several blood clots in her lungs and two large clots that were blocking the arteries to her heart, which were caused by her birth control, YAZ. Today, Jess was informed that she has a large blood clot in her left groin area, called a Deep Venous Thrombosis. Now she is faced with the decision to either 1) have surgery to remove the clot or 2) go through the regular medicinal procedure which would leave her left leg swollen and hindering her from maintaining her active lifestyle for the rest of her life. Although the recovery rate for the surgery is low, the medicine that is used could be fatal if  it were to travel to her brain. 
As a result of her current situation, Jess has stared a blog to help educate women about the dangers of taking birth control (specifically YAZ) and informing them on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. In no way do I advise women who are sexually active to abstain from taking birth control and I think I can speak for both myself and Jess when I say that the main point is to take precautions  with your health and to find the best medication for you and your body. 
To visit her blog and show your support, click HERE.  

xoxo Gabi

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