Thursday, January 27, 2011

1272011 Socks

I love this little scarf I have.  It is from this little second hand store Gabi and I used to hunt last year called Second Hand Chic. Sometimes, I am not sure how to wear scarves like this though.  I tried to put it on my head...but that didn't work.   Well, I am off to read about mens silhouettes in the 1400's and a couple contes de fées.  Also, is anyone else sick of this nasty ass inversion??? 

Jacket - Nordstrom Rack,  Socks - Stien Mart,  Pants - H&M,  Scarf - Vintage,  Watches - My moms
I found inspiration today in this photo.  I love the way she rolled up her pants to show off her socks.  Plus all of the layering, the little details in the fabrics, and the color scheme is wonderful.  I wish I could dress myself like this! 
Photo: Sartorialist

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