Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Summer Plans

My mom has always been super interested in food.  When I was a little girl, she always cooked, what we called, 'Guinea Pig Dinners'.  A Guinea Pig Dinner consisted of finding a new recipe and every Sunday my mom and I would cook it for ourselves, my dad, grandpa and grandma.  Sometime the meals were kind of weird, but mostly they were pretty good.  
This summer I have decided to do my own version of the Guinea Pig Dinner, to keep myself occupied during my lack of free time.  Weekly I am going to try to cook something new and share the recipe with you.  If you like experimenting in the kitchen, I would love it if you tried it out to and shared your thoughts, ha.  
Oh and forgive me please, my food photography skills are a little weak.  

For my first go, I decided to make Pea Pesto Crostini as an appetizer followed by Roasted Shrimp and Orzo.

I have to admit that I altered the recipes a little though.  I NEVER use salt when cooking, so I cut that out entirely.  
For the Pesto, I didn't use all the Olive Oil, but, I did add a little white wine.  I thought it needed more Garlic though, so if I were you, I would add 2 cloves.  I also used fresh peas not frozen.  
For the Orzo I didn't use all the Olive Oil either,  It says to use 1/2 cup and I only used about 1/4 maybe less.  I grilled the shrimp instead of roasting them, and I grilled some vegetables too (my favorite)!   I paired the meal with a Rosé from La Vieille Ferme.  It made for a lovely, light, summer meal (and provided wonderful left-overs for the week)! 

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